About us

Who are we?

This collaborative website was launched in July 2017 by 2 backpackers who were travelling and working in Australia (as apple pickers, farm hands, and pruners). Other backpackers and farmers joined them to develop and improve the project. Today, 88daystowork is a non-profit organisation and everyone can help!

Isabelle Bouvier
Project Manager

I was 16 years old the first time I visited Australia. I came back for holiday 3 times to visit the East Coast, the Northern Territory and the Red Center. I have always wanted to travel all around the country, especially in remote areas. I had to wait to finish my Law studies and working as a paralegal in different companies in France to save up enough money. With Arnaud, it took us 2 years to prepare our road trip.

After travelling and working 12 months here, I am more than happy to keep our adventure alive with 88daystowork!

Arnaud Gautier
Web Project Manager

Having a strong passion for travels, I didn't hesitate one seconde to go in Australia for a 30 0000 kms roadtrip. While looking for farm jobs, I realised I could create a website to help other backpackers. Coding in remote areas with limited access to internet and electricity was a huge challenge and a lot of fun!